2019 year, we the diversified actuator lines, and after compare and think our products is the quality, more and more clients choose “FUDA” as Stable suppliers. Keep the quality as life, This has been very successful, in fact lots of main dealers buy turbo actuators from us now! Products sell to More than 90 countries so far.
2018 year, although some competitor occurred, and tried to attack our market by cheaper products. But we were incredibly particular about what actuator pass our inspection process. And more and more new models Keep we are the position.
2014 -2017
2014 -2017 year, Along the way we’ve learned lots of lessons, built some really strong customer and supplier relationships and continued to grow. More and more clients feedback the market information, and sent our sampels to develop. we usually have the turbo actuator and are usually to market with new products. And products sell to more than 75 Countries.
2013 year, we complete the development for TOYOTA actuators, for example the 17201-OL040/070, 17201-30150/180, 17201-30100/101/160,7201-51020/21021, 17208-51010 17208-51011.Also have some pneumatic actuators with sensor. And in this year, The company maintained good growth.
Factory start designing and products the electronic turbo actuators.There was no-one properly supply the electronic turbo actuators and repair kits in the world in any scale. In this year, we complete the development BV43 actuator, and Hella actuator repair kits, and assembled hella actuator gearbox. And we set our our R&D Center of electronic actuator.
Factory design and produce the excavator governor motor. And had exported the products to UAS, Canada, Italy, etc.
Factory was established and design and produce the Throttle position sensor. Our factory named FUDA. The sensors products have been distributed to all of provinces and Major cities of china.