What should I pay attention to when maintaining the turbocharger?


  Be careful not to enter the following misunderst […]


Be careful not to enter the following misunderstandings when maintaining the turbocharger

A supercharger is an air pump or compressor driven by a motor. It increases the pressure of the manifold and forces the air-fuel mixture into the cylinder. The higher the pressure, the higher the density of the air-fuel mixture, the more powerful the engine, so people know that maintenance is needed. However, some misunderstandings are often entered.

  Misunderstanding of turbocharger maintenance:

  Misunderstanding 1: Change the oil at will

  In terms of "drinking" engine oil, this turbocharger is indeed more "squeaky". In addition to having a larger volume than ordinary naturally aspirated engines, it also has higher requirements for oil. Because the design of the supercharger is different from that of a naturally aspirated engine, the turbine body and the main shaft are filled with oil. The entire main shaft relies on lubricating oil to dissipate heat and lubricate. Inferior oil has a higher viscosity and poor fluidity. Can't function well. It is recommended that car owners increase some investment in this area and replace the vehicle with fully synthetic engine oil.

  Misunderstanding of turbocharger maintenance 2: Turn off the engine immediately when it arrives at the destination

  After the engine has been running under high load for a long time, the owner must idling for a few minutes before turning off the engine so that the parts can be effectively cooled and lubricated. The behavior of turning off the vehicle immediately will cause the vehicle to be idling at a high speed. The problem is the same as that of sudden acceleration, which will damage the bearings of the vehicle.

  Misunderstanding 3: Boom the throttle as soon as you start

  The ability to increase the speed in a short period of time is a major feature of turbochargers, but this does not mean that the owner can treat the car rudely. In fact, the turbocharger oil seal can be easily damaged by slamming the throttle just after starting. The number of revolutions is very high. After starting the vehicle, you should not step on the accelerator pedal urgently. You should first idling for 3-5 minutes, so that the oil pump has enough time to deliver the oil to all parts of the turbocharger.


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