Why use a turbocharger?


  The main reason for choosing a turbocharger is t […]


The main reason for choosing a turbocharger is to better increase the steam intake of the automobile engine.

Many people know that the work of a car engine mostly relies on the combustion of fuel in the cylinder of the car engine to output power to the outside. In the case of a certain engine displacement, if you want to increase the output power of a car engine, the most effective measure is to supply more fuel to burn. However, it is easy to supply more fuel to the cylinder, but it is difficult to supply enough air to support the complete combustion of the fuel by the traditional car engine air intake system.

Take a gasoline engine as an example. For every 1Kg of gasoline supplied to the cylinder, about 15KG of air is required to be sucked into the cylinder to ensure complete combustion of the gasoline. The volume of this 15KG air will be particularly large. It is not easy to completely suck in such a large volume of air only by the vacuum formed by the cylinder during the entire process of air intake of the car engine. Therefore, it is particularly important to improve the ability of the automobile engine to suck in the steam, that is, to improve the efficiency of the automobile engine's steam charging.

Supercharging technology is a measure to improve the air intake capacity of a car engine.

In principle, there is no mystery about supercharging. It uses a special compressor to pre-compress the steam before entering the cylinder to increase the density of the gas entering the cylinder and reduce the volume of the steam. In this way, the mass of the steam per unit volume is greatly increased. The amount of steam can meet the fuel combustion demand, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the engine power.

The compressor selected in the whole process of supercharging is also called a supercharger. The exhaust gas turbocharger is a way of charging the intake air. According to the different energy sources used to drive the supercharger, the supercharging measures of the automobile engine can be basically divided into three categories: the first type is the mechanical supercharging system, and the supercharger is directly driven by the engine crankshaft through gears (or chains, etc.). The second category is the exhaust gas turbocharger system. The supercharger is driven by the exhaust gas discharged from the car engine. The third category is the compound supercharging system, that is, in the automobile engine, both the exhaust gas turbocharger and the mechanically driven supercharger are used at the same time. In addition, there are other supercharging methods such as inertial supercharging and air wave supercharging.

The exhaust gas turbocharger system is mainly used in automobile engines. This system is selected for 1.8T, and "T" stands for Turbocharged.


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