Advantages of turbocharged engines


  Advantages of turbocharged engines (ie disadvant […]


Advantages of turbocharged engines (ie disadvantages of naturally aspirated engines)

  First, high efficiency and strong power. For cars with the same displacement, the turbocharged engine can compress more air, increase the fuel injection volume, and make the fuel more sufficient. The direct effect of this is that the horsepower is greater and the power is more abundant.

  Second, emission control, improve fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions. Because the fuel is relatively sufficient, in terms of emission control, turbocharging is easier to reduce emissions than naturally aspirated, especially the emission per unit carbon dioxide. This is why European automakers have stepped up efforts to develop turbocharged engines.

  Third, fuel-saving, mainly because the small-displacement turbocharged engine can output higher power than the naturally aspirated engine of the same level, saving fuel consumption in disguise.

Disadvantages of turbocharged engines ((that is, advantages of naturally aspirated engines)

  First, the technology is immature and the stability is poor. The turbocharged engine has the flaws of turbo lag from the beginning to the end. There will be a delay when the accelerator is stepped on to increase the speed, because the exhaust gas turbocharger needs the exhaust gas of the engine to drive, when you step on the accelerator, the turbocharger It did not immediately improve work efficiency, and it took more than two seconds to react. Naturally aspirated engines are easier to complete, and due to simple structure, uniform torque distribution, linear speed increase, and other reasons, they have more advantages than turbocharged engines in terms of ride comfort, durability, stability, and safety.

Second, the price is expensive, because the turbocharged engine of the same level has a higher power than the naturally aspirated engine, and the turbocharged engine technology is not very mature, resulting in a car with a turbocharged engine than a naturally aspirated engine The car is more expensive.

Third, the service life is low. The turbocharged engine is affected by pressure and temperature during operation, and its interior will have varying degrees of influence. Long-term accumulation will reduce the life of the engine, and a certain degree of cooling and cooling is required when starting and stopping. Lubrication, in comparison, the life of a naturally aspirated engine is much longer.

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