Causes of frequent damage to car turbochargers


Causes of frequent damage to car turbochargers Supercha […]

Causes of frequent damage to car turbochargers

Superchargers are used more in cars, mainly for driving, but sometimes it is found that they are always damaged, which affects normal driving and is more troublesome. We need to find out the reason. , Through analysis, and then processing.

   One, the turbocharger rotor manufacturer introduced the clogging of the automobile air filter. Especially for construction vehicles that pull the muck on the construction site, the working environment is very poor. The car air filter is equivalent to the human nostril. As long as the vehicle is working, it is inhaling air all the time, and the air filter is filtered to the engine. For fresh air, all the scum will remain on the surface of the air filter, which will block it over time, causing difficulty in inhaling the turbocharger. If the internal oil pressure is greater than the air pressure, the turbocharger will leak oil and work ineffective. In this case, you can’t solve the problem even if you change more turbochargers, so replacing the air filter in time is a basic requirement for vehicle maintenance.

  Second, use low-quality engine oil. During the working process of the car turbocharger, the rotational speed is between 100,000 and 200,000 revolutions per minute. The rotor shaft and the floating bearing are lubricated by a thin film of oil. Once the oil is diluted, the oil film in the middle is destroyed. There will be friction between the rotor shaft and the floating bearing. At a high speed of 100,000 to 200,000 revolutions per minute, metal and metal friction will be instantly damaged.

  Three, there is a problem with the engine. Turbochargers work on exhaust gas discharged from the engine. Insufficient air output from the engine, excessive crankcase pressure, valve damage, oil seal leakage and other reasons will affect the engine.

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