Replacement Electronic Actuator Gearboxes

Replacement Electronic Actuator Gearboxes

products name:Replacement Electronic Actuator Gearboxes

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how to choose your gearbox

Identification of the gearbox is made using the G number which can be found on the side of the gearbox. , and the 6NW....... Code on the cover.
Identificationof the gearbox, only by the 6NW010099-XX or 6NW010430-XX


Why choose our gearbox.

Developed using the original quality components, including:
- The original motor;
- Plastic worm gear - manufactured from the same high quality plastic as used in the original gearbox ;
- Produced with a special surface hardened finish to assist longer life;
Extensive range of actuator gearboxes, even we don't have, we can assembled it for you in 3 days after get your OEM samples.
Full function OQC test and confirm for every unit
1 years Full European Warranty
Finish full function test, temperature test, endurance test, drop test, vibration test, salt spray test, destructive test, EMC test.


How to use the gearbox, it is very simple.

To replace the gearbox, simply remove the clips and the black plastic cover, which contains the control unit. Place the control unit on to the new our gearbox and reattach the clips.
When you fit the electronic actuator back onto the turbo, re-test the actuator to make sure it is working correctly using an electronic actuator tester.

Fengcheng Fuda Auto Sensors Co.,Ltd is the famous China Replacement Electronic Actuator Gearboxes suppliers and Replacement Electronic Actuator Gearboxes factory, offer series of models for Electronic turbo actuators gearbox. Many specific models can be customized. We oem Replacement Electronic Actuator Gearboxes worldwide over 15 years. Why choose FUDA electronic actuators? Extensively tested; Precision manufactured to high possible standards. Specialist materials comply with the original OEM specification to ensure reliable performance in stock and ready for delivery It is a cost-effective, quality repair solution that corporate with FUDA.

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